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You Must Take Domestic Violence Charges Seriously

Since 1986, Terence D. Broughton has defended both men and women charged with domestic violence and spousal abuse. He understands the overwhelming emotional factors that often contribute to an individual charged with this crime. It is not uncommon, but unfortunate, that many individuals accuse loved ones of such abuse to gain the upper hand for other reasons such as divorce and/or child custody matters. If you have been charged with domestic violence you need immediate aggressive representation from an experienced attorney.

The Law Offices of Terence D. Broughton provide thorough criminal defense guidance and representation in all California state courts. The police, prosecutors and judges take a hard stand on domestic violence cases, and Mr. Broughton thoroughly understands the dynamics involved in these cases. Many individuals believe that if the other person recants his or her statements or decides not to press charges, all will be fine. It is not uncommon for these cases to still be prosecuted nonetheless. This is why it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Your consultation is free.

Experienced Representation Is Critical

Civil actions under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act can create the need for representation in more than one court. Nevada County spousal abuse defense lawyer, Terence D. Broughton, is an experienced attorney who represents clients facing allegations of domestic violence in both the civil and criminal courts.

Mr. Broughton understands the complexity of the issues you are facing. Temporary restraining orders can prevent you from being with your children and maintaining visitation, custody and other family dynamics. He is committed to protecting your rights at every stage of each proceeding.

As with virtually every criminal case, the most critical time is the first few days following an arrest. Do not wait until formal charges have been filed. Mr. Broughton will get to work immediately to protect your interests. An in-depth evaluation of your case is commenced immediately, witnesses are located and interviewed, and evidence identified and preserved. In some instances early discussions with the District Attorney may result in charges not being filed or an informal resolution that will protect your rights while focusing on the needs of your family.

A Free Consultation Will Get You Started

Do not let another day go by without protecting your rights. Contact the firm today to discuss your criminal case with a Nevada City domestic violence defense lawyer. The firm offers affordable representation with one-on-one service. For the northern Sierra/Sierra Foothills area, call 530-265-1919.