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Dublin Multiple DUI Offense Defense Attorney

California is known to have some of the most strict penalties for DUI in the country. When an individual is facing DUI charges for the second, third, fourth or subsequent time, the stakes are higher than ever.

The Law Offices of Terence D. Broughton represents clients who are facing first-time drunk driving charges, as well as those individuals who have been previously convicted of drunk driving. To schedule a free consultation with a Dublin multiple DUI-offense defense lawyer, please contact the firm online today.

Subsequent Drunk Driving Charges Carry Severe Penalties

Multiple DUI Defense
Penalties for multiple DUI convictions include:

  • Second DUI offense in 10 years — Fines ranging up to $1,800 (plus penalties and assessments which are substantial), two-year license suspension, up to one year in jail, 18 or 30 month DUI school.

  • Third DUI offense in 10 years — Fines ranging up to $1,800 (plus penalties and assessments which are substantial), three-year license suspension/revocation, up to one year in jail, 18+ month Alcohol/Drug Program.

When charged with DUI/DWI for the second or subsequent time, it is important to work with an attorney who understands exactly what you are facing. Attorney Terence D. Broughton has more than 25 years of experience in criminal law, and 10 years of experience in law enforcement. His experience allows him to understand multiple DUI charges from both angles. He can help you explore multiple defense options, challenging the evidence against you and working hard to help you seek the best possible resolution of your case.

Free Consultation: Contact a Pleasanton Felony DWI Charge Defense Lawyer

To schedule a free consultation to discuss options for habitual drunk drivers, please contact a Dublin DUI defense lawyer from our firm today. For the Tri-Valley/East Bay area, call 925-829-9044. For the Northern Sierra/Sierra Foothills area, call 530-265-1919.

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